Senior integration layer developer






Senior integration layer developer


In the scope of the evolution of our client’s IT, they are actively looking for an external senior integration layer developer. He will be integrated in the Integration Hub team (under construction: 4-5 people)


About the client :


Our client manages the Belgian high voltage network and its role is to transport electricity. The purpose of the high voltage network is to transport the electricity supplied by electricity producers to distribution grid operators and large industrial users. In its capacity as network manager, our client ensures that transparent, non-discriminatory and objective access to the network is guaranteed.


The client's main activities are as follows:



Asset manager: maintaining and developing the network, as well as connecting electrical installations to the network

System management: granting access to the network in a straightforward, objective and transparent way, providing full services for transporting electricity, monitoring flows on the network to ensure that it runs smoothly and managing the balance between electricity consumption and production 24 hours a day

Market facilitator: developing initiatives to improve how the electricity market operates

 General Info of the assignment:


The mission will cover the following tasks:




Design and implementation of the physical model of a coherent data model

Analysis, design, development and testing of a transversal integration layer

Ensure the alignment between the business/technical architecture and the functional/non-functional needs of the clients

Bring concrete experience in terms of strategy and best practice in the integration layer concepts.

Actively participate in the planning of the different phases of the integration project, in close relation with other IT teams, external partners and the business.

Guarantee performance and trust in the solution by setting up and following of a continuous build and testing platform

Contribute in the maturity development of the integration team by integrating and coaching more junior profiles

Bring technical expertise to the team as well as infrastructure knowledge of tools used by the Integration Hub (queue manager, distributed cache, audit and monitoring)

Setup an efficient and dynamic documentation solution

Release management of the solution

Second line support for production

 Desired Skills & Experience:


Technical Skills (required) 




Distributed architecture patterns

Distributed cache patterns

Unit Testing, automated

Integration Testing, automated

Continuous Integration development

Experience in .Net/C#/Microsoft platform  (10+ years)

Integration framework experience (3+ years)

Scheduler framework experience (3+ years)

Audit and Trace framework experience (3+ years)

Efficient monitoring tools experience (3+ years)

Web Services (SOAP), XML, Flat Files

Experience in authentication/authorization: SAML2.0, OAuth2.0,...

Capabilities to help in the administration of the tools used (mixed environment Windows and Unix)


Soft skills




Working within a team of skilled developers


Focused on performance, NFR minded (be able to analyse a performance test report)

Focused on maintainability

Team player

Ability to communicate with different profiles


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