Branding for Success

Entice your audience and cultivate visibility


WHY attend this learning programme?


This workshop will benefit those who want to raise awareness among their stakeholders and entice their audience.  Professional branding will foster their visibility and careers.

By building an effective brand with clarity and authenticity, leaders will motivate their customers, connect with them and increase loyalty. With a brand mind-set, project leaders will develop a stronger position to achieve success.

The true measure of branding success is earning loyal customers who will become your brand ambassadors as well.

Conflict Management

Manage and resolve conflicts more effectively


WHY attend this learning programme?


Conflicts can be constructive, stimulating progress, supporting innovation and leading to smarter ways of working. However, if they remain unresolved, conflicts hinder collaboration and the ability to achieve results.


This workshop provides you with the practical tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win way.


Effective conflict management results in better communication, increased performance and improved interpersonal relationships.


“The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress”

Leadership Presence

Entice the audience and stand out as a leader


WHY attend this learning programme?


Great leaders inspire. They connect to their audience with authenticity and reach their hearts and minds. They galvanize the people around them to follow their lead. They know when to speak and when to listen, projecting gravitas and confidence. They build relationships and promote collaboration to reach breakthrough results.


In this interactive workshop you will learn the secrets of leadership presence and personal branding. Projecting the best of you with authenticity will leave a long lasting and positive impression. With a compelling leadership presence you will convey your ideas in a clear and resonant way and build impact in all of your interactions.

Negociation Skills

Become a wise negotiator and build constructive relationships


WHY attend this learning programme?


Negotiation issues are a common part of today’s business world. Whether with colleagues or external business partners, within your team or other departments, adequate negotiation strategies lead to greater productivity and better working atmosphere.


This workshop will help you explore how to address those issues and turn them into successful and harmonious collaboration.


Advanced negotiation strategies help manage conflicts successfully, solve problems, get deals done and manage team projects better.  The ability to negotiate effectively and build constructive relationships should consistently result in less time-consuming exchanges and faster results.


“Always be prepared to negotiate, but never negotiate without being prepared”.

Personal Influence

Increase your impact and motivate those around you


WHY attend this learning programme?


This workshop will benefit those who depend on interpersonal relationships and want to deepen understanding of the impact they have on others and the subtleties of influencing skills.


Learn how to engage others, create an environment of collaboration around yourself and increase your sphere of influence.  Be a source of inspiration, encouragement and guidance and persuade your colleagues and counterparts more effectively without compromising your values and integrity.


“Influence may be the highest level of human skills”

The elevator pitch

Entice your audience and cultivate visibility


WHY attend this learning programme?


You missed the momentum! The conversation is over. And then, you realize what you should have said. Why is it so that when you need to say something brilliant, words don’t come out the right way?



Whether you bump into a stakeholder or participate to a meeting, sparking interest for your project, your idea or your organisation is the key to new opportunities.

Our catalog of trainings and workshops also includes many other themes:

"Well-being in the digital age", "Healthy debate", "The art of decision-making", "Burn-out" etc.

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All trainings can be declined in workshop and vice versa. They can take place in your offices or elsewhere, and we can also take care of the practical organization (room rental etc.)​

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